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“Belief creates vision; Belief creates strength of will; Belief creates resilience; and Belief ignites and activates.”

Belief Specialist

Vi Gatlin

I am a gifted Performing Artist. Every fiber of my being resonate with an inner truth that says, Yes! I must dance. Dance allowed me to express my beliefs, my inner world through movement when I could not do so verbally. It allowed me to connect with myself and the world around me.

Limiting Beliefs To Reality

Love myself take care of me..take care of me? How, how can that be?

It is me, yes me I can not see. So sad, so lonely, so out of touch. To

take care of me that is too much! Love myself, you mean love me?

Impossible for me you see. Love requires one to feel and to feel for me

Is not so real. Love myself, take care of me. My voice is one that cannot

be heard, shut off completely not a word! Love myself, take care of me.

These words echo inside my head, yet in my heart and soul such a dread.

I don't know what to do or where to begin, taking care and loving me is

that a sin?... Why love myself, why take care of me? From Jehovah Gods

Love and image I was made. From the blood of his precious son my debts were

paid! That undeniable truth has set many free and in that many there i

must be. So I must learn to love myself, I must learn to take care of me.

Then I will truly be free! Free to see me, free to feel me, free to hear me and free

just to be me 

beVi Gatlin, an extraordinary dance artist, shared her passion for

expressing her inner world through improvisational movement with

courage, conviction, compassion and clarity.  I had the opportunity to

witness an open rehearsal of her upcoming show at the Oregon Cabaret

Theatre.  Each of the four excerpts she presented dealt with themes of

struggle and the journey to rise above challenge by going through and

feeling deeply, coming into self acceptance and self love.  Vi holds

nothing back when she dances.  Every fiber of her being resonates with

an inner truth that says, YES, I must dance.  She reminded me of Judith

Jameson, the great leading dancer with Alvin Ailey's company, with all

her strength and passionate elegance.

As a veteran dance artist, educator, and Authentic Movement facilitator

I am drawn to work that speaks truth to power.  Vi has the courage to do

just that.”

*Jane Blount, HHP*is a dance artist/educator, and integrative somatics

practitioner. In addition to facilitating Authentic Movement groups, 

was a co-founder of Lower Left and has taught creative movement, contact

improvisation, postmodern and contemporary dance at SDSU, UCSD, and

throughout San Diego, the Midwest, and NYC. Jane finds deep, quiet joy

in sharing the practice of Authentic Movement and brings her deeply

grounded intuitive wisdom to create warmth, safety, and sacredness in

her Authentic Movement groups.

Who are You?

Clifton Strengths is the code that cracks open your awareness of your unique talents. It enables you to see yourself in a new way, as an individual with powerful talents in particular areas.

Your Strengths explain the way you successfully move through life.

The way you most naturally think, feel and behave.

There has never been or will ever be any one who possesses your individual Strengths in the order that they appear! People who unleash their Strengths are more engaged, productive, healthier and happier in Life!! There are lots of personality quizzes out there but what makes Clifton Strengths’s stand out from any other test or quiz is that

Strengths helps you find you, understand you and appreciate you

for who you really are instead of who you think you are! It’s made a huge impact on my Belief in Self, Health, Relationships and Income. I look forward to assisting you in Unleashing your Strengths!


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Learning about my strengths makes me more aware of my relationship to the world around me. It wakes me up and gives me a way of sorting options and remaining connected to myself.

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"Learning my strengths has helped me know myself better. I have discovered things that motivate me as well as grown in my understanding of why I do things the way that I do. It has given me ...

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I started a new business and Vi’s coaching me with my strengths helped me over come hurdles with work, and gave me the confidence I needed to be successful. 

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